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Fencing teaches skills that will help you your whole life. Fencing is life. It's a lot of fun, too. There is no better way to share your event or your message than with a fencing workshop. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

Birthday Parties. A fencing themed birthday part. A big hit. For up to forty kids at the Royal Arts facility. Fence and have a party.

Boy/Girl Scout Troops. We wish there was a fencing merit badge. Instead, bring your troop to Royal Arts, and we'll teach them a little fencing and a lot of fun. (Not responsible for stick sword-fights that break out in the woods at campouts after that! :) )

Schools. Teachers, enhance your classroom content with a Royal Arts workshop. We come to your class, talk about fencing and then let the kids try it. Here are some popular themes we've done in the past:

  • Romeo & Juliet

  • Hamlet

  • French classes

  • History classes

  • Three Musketeers

Please contact us for details on how to get a workshop. We can come to you, too.

Create Your Own Workshop

Artistic Fencing

Ages: 12 - 105
Let Royal Arts run your workshop for the Russian shashka dancing, lightsaber or other sword chroeography.
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Bachelor / Bacherlorette Parties!

Ages: 18 - 105
Of course crossing swords for your batchelor / batchelorette party.
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Bartitsu Workshop

Ages: 15 - 105
Fight like Sherlock Holmes! Bartitsu includes cane fighting, savate, English style boxing, and jujutsu. The original mixed martial art from 1888!
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Birthday Parties

Ages: 6 - 105
Whether you want to be a knight of the realm, Zorro, Captain Jack Sparrow, a musketeer or a Jedi Knight, there is no better birthday party than a fencing one. Bring all your friends and have a battle royale at Royal Arts. Birthday parties occur outside of regular fencing hours and can be privately arranged to suit your schedule. Parties are typically two hours long and consist of fencing instruction, fencing games and other fun as well as time to eat cake.
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Boy Scout Troops

Ages: 6 - 105
It's the adventure of a lifetime. Bring your troop and cross blades to see who is the champion of the troop.
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Duel the Boss

Ages: 12 - 105
Have Royal Arts come to your workplace and see how the art of negotiation is done. In the end, you can duel the boss. If the boss wants some pointers before we start, that's possible. We wouldn't want you to look bad.
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Girl Scout Troops

Ages: 6 - 105
Bring your Girl Scout Troop to Royal Arts for the fun of a lifetime. These two hour workshops will teach you the basics of fencing, suit you up in fencing gear and let you duel each other. This is great for just the girls or for a mother/daughter outing. All equipment is provided. Call us today to negotiate a time for your visit. Girl Scout troop workshops are taught by our women instructors, too.
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Historical Fencing Demo

Ages: 15 - 105
Our historical fencers will show up at your event and demonstrate the art of the longsword or rapier. You'll learn a little history and see some exciting sword fighting!
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Lightsaber Demo

Ages: 6 - 105

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Lightsaber Performance

Ages: 6 - 105
Our performance troop, the 1st Ohio Saber Squadron, performs throughout the region all year long. See if our group can come to your event.
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Lightsaber Workshop

Ages: 12 - 105
Have the Royal Arts Lightsaber Team teach your group a little bit of lightsaber fighting. Our place or yours.
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Longsword Workshop

Ages: 15 - 105
You will be entertained! Step back to medieval times and raise a longsword against your colleagues. Our place or yours, it's time to raise arms.
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Ninja / Samurai Demo

Ages: 6 - 105
We promise our ninja will be visible! We'll take you on a journey through the art of the samurai and ninja.
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Olympic Fencing Demo

Ages: 6 - 105
Fencing is growing in populariity. You'll be popular too when you have a fencing demo show up at your event.
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Shakespeare in the Classroom

Ages: 12 - 105
"A hit, a very palpable hit."
-- Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 2

Whether you are reading Hamlet with its climactic duel, Romeo & Juliet or other literature with fencing, we offer workshops for your students that will allow them to experience the duel or be the one to slay Mercutio. This is not us acting it out ( although we could ). This is your students donning fencing gear and trying it for themselves. There is no better way to experience what is going on in the story.

We travel to schools studying the Bard, particularly Romeo & Juliet or Hamlet. Students will relive the Montague vs Capulet battle.

Don't limit yourself there. If there is another story you would like to share, let us know. We also do workshops for history classes, French classes and much more. Let us know what your ideas are in the comments below.

This workshop is limited by scheduling and distance travelled. We can accomodate multiple workshops for larger groups. Travel cost may be required.
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