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American Fencer

Coach Julia Richey founded Royal Arts in 2001 soon after moving to the United States. She was a member of the Russian/Soviet National Team in foil and epee for 13 years. See her story of coming to America and overcoming adversity in our short film "American Fencer."

Ascalon Sword Festival 2022 Results All Tournaments


# Fencer Club
1Jonathan PaulinoPhiladelphia Common Fencers Guild
1Aidan WitherspoonColumbus Saber Academy
2AJ TrefneyTwo Ravens Fencing School
2Tanner MartinMedieval European Martial Arts Guild
3TAJ TrefneyTwo Ravens Fencing School
3TJW PugnettiSteel City Historical Fencing
3TJW PugnettiSteel City Historical Fencing
3TAidan WitherspoonMedieval European Martial Arts Guild
5Joseph HochadelGem City Duelists Society
5Jonathan PaulinoPhiladelphia Common Fencers Guild
6J.J. ConlonColumbus Saber Academy
6Steve ChenMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
7Eric KingColumbus Saber Academy
7Derek RayRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
8Connor Kemp-CowellPhiladelphia Common Fencers Guild
8Joseph HochadelGem City Duelists Society
9Alexander Brindley
10Steve ChenMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
11Eric KingColumbus Saber Academy
12Connor Kemp-CowellPhiladelphia Common Fencers Guild
13Alex KotarakosUnaffiliated
14Camilla Fraizer - REMOVEUnaffiliated
15Michael AsburyPhiladelphia Common Fencers Guild
16Chris SheltonHilt and Helm Pittsburgh Fencing Club
17Chris Holloman
18Matthew OdonnellYoungstown Historical Fencing
19Thomas KeslerGem City Duelists Society
20Christopher Yang
21Joseph LillyCapitol Kunst Des Fechtens
22Thomas AmorosoColumbus Saber Academy
23Jeffrey WillBucks Historical Longsword
24Dylan ThomasBlack Bear Historical Fencing
25Matthew HullerQueen City Sword Guild
26Tim WallaceYoungstown Historical Fencing
27Samuel RyalsGem City Duelists Society
28Phil Swift
29Loyd BriskiQueen City Sword Guild
30Stephanie EatonRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
31Logan Santerelli
32William GrubeQueen City Sword Guild
33Lex DeGraafColumbus Saber Academy
34Colin McConnellTwo Ravens Fencing School
35Jordan MorenoMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
36Christopher Morgan Youngstown Historical Fencing
37Stephen DoughertyMedieval European Martial Arts Guild
38Rocky WillisColumbus Saber Academy
39Gerard Averill
40Stevi ParkerBucks Historical Longsword
41Jaron BernsteinRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
42Kyle Potts
43Geoff LehmanNickel City Longsword Academy
44Donald kullman
45Nicholas Brandmeir
46Jieyu Wu
47Justin MooreUnaffiliated
48Marten DollingerTwo Ravens Fencing School
49Jacob SilfiesL'arte Lehigh Valley
50David PharisQueen City Sword Guild
51Brandon CaylorRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
52Christian BuettnerMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
53Maurice Chojecki Ann Arbor Sword Club
54Nick ChiappazziSteelhead Martial Arts
55Kevin BroughSteel City Historical Fencing
56Kaiden McPhee
57Cristina TamerAnn Arbor Sword Club
58Andrew BakryMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
59Regina MendicinoColumbus Saber Academy
60Joseph VervalinMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
61Richard BrautmanNickel City Longsword Academy
62Doug SilfiesL'arte Lehigh Valley
63Andrew FeigelMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
64Adam SeveraYoungstown Historical Fencing
65Amanda TicknerSwordsmanship Museum and Academy
66Elanora DovatUnaffiliated
67Nishchal NigamSteel City Historical Fencing
68Jason FeldmanQueen City Sword Guild
69Joseph CampbellGrand Rapids HEMA Society

Military Saber

# Fencer Club
1Ian BroderickColumbus Saber Academy
2JW PugnettiSteel City Historical Fencing
3TCaleb TongHighland County Salle d'Armes
3TTanner MartinColumbus Saber Academy
5AJ TrefneyTwo Ravens Fencing School
6Justin HernandezColumbus Saber Academy
7Thomas AmorosoColumbus Saber Academy
8Joseph LillyCapitol Kunst Des Fechtens
9Samuel RyalsGem City Duelists Society
10Kai Cummings
11Jordan MorenoMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
12Steve ChenMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
13Brandon CaylorRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
14Thomas KeslerGem City Duelists Society
15Christopher Yang
16Robert SmithNickel City Longsword Academy
17Will HandfordRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
18Kyle Potts
19Maurice Chojecki Ann Arbor Sword Club
20Andrew BakryMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
21Collin Vredenburg
22Stephanie EatonRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
23Christian BuettnerMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
24Camilla Fraizer - REMOVEUnaffiliated
25Travis HuganAnn Arbor Sword Club
26Richard BrautmanNickel City Longsword Academy
27Adrian KimAnn Arbor Sword Club
28Frank ConnerNickel City Longsword Academy
29Charles PaschkeRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
30Nick ChiappazziSteelhead Martial Arts
31Jeffrey WillBucks Historical Longsword

Rapier + Dagger

# Fencer Club
1Joseph LillyCapitol Kunst Des Fechtens
2Ian BroderickColumbus Saber Academy
3TKai Cummings
3TJoseph HochadelGem City Duelists Society
5Cameron MetcalfGrand Rapids HEMA Society
6Tanner MartinColumbus Saber Academy
7Derek RayRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
8Alexander Brindley
9Thomas KeslerGem City Duelists Society
10Samuel RyalsGem City Duelists Society
11Eric KingColumbus Saber Academy
12Thomas AmorosoColumbus Saber Academy
13Donald kullman
14Chris Holloman
15Shane HillenGrand Rapids HEMA Society
16Chris SheltonHilt and Helm Pittsburgh Fencing Club
17Cristina TamerAnn Arbor Sword Club
18Collin Vredenburg
19Caleb TongHighland County Salle d'Armes
20Calvin Stroble
21Andrew FeigelMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
22Geoff GintherIndianapolis Fencing Club
23Andrew BakryMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
24Jaron BernsteinRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
25Natalie ChaykinaIndianapolis Fencing Club
26Joseph BabejYoungstown Historical Fencing
27Jayce WilliamsonKnoxville Academy of the Blade

Novice Longsword

# Fencer Club
1Dylan ThomasQueen City Sword Guild
2Ethan AdkinsBlack Bear Historical Fencing
3TNicholas MillsQueen City Sword Guild
3TLogan Santerelli
5Stevi ParkerBucks Historical Longsword
6Brandon D’ArcyNickel City Longsword Academy
7Jeffrey WillBucks Historical Longsword
8Tim WallaceYoungstown Historical Fencing
9Natalie ChaykinaIndianapolis Fencing Club
10Kevin BroughSteel City Historical Fencing
11Geoff LehmanNickel City Longsword Academy
12LeRoy BrownIndianapolis Fencing Club
13Gerard Averill
14Loyd BriskiQueen City Sword Guild
15Maurice Chojecki Ann Arbor Sword Club
16Travis HuganAnn Arbor Sword Club
17Nishchal NigamSteel City Historical Fencing
18Maria RieskeRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
19Frank ConnerNickel City Longsword Academy
20William GrubeQueen City Sword Guild
21Amanda TicknerSwordsmanship Museum and Academy
22Andrew BakryMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
23Justin MooreUnaffiliated
24Joseph VervalinMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
25Elanora DovatUnaffiliated
26Adrian KimAnn Arbor Sword Club
27Nicholas Brandmeir
28Joseph CampbellGrand Rapids HEMA Society
29Doug SilfiesL'arte Lehigh Valley
30Vicky BelousovaNickel City Longsword Academy
31Kaitlyn SumpterMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
32Kaiden McPhee
33Alyssa CapelBucks Historical Longsword
34Lilly ReiningerQueen City Sword Guild
35Joe HartmanQueen City Sword Guild
36Jennifer PaschkeRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
37Anthony SchaibleColumbus Saber Academy
38Kaitlin EvansQueen City Sword Guild

Womens Longsword

# Fencer Club
1Lacey EckAnn Arbor Sword Club
2Cristina TamerTwo Ravens Fencing School
3TMaria RieskeRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
3TLex DeGraafColumbus Saber Academy
5KASANDARA SULLIVANColumbus Saber Academy
6Vicky BelousovaNickel City Longsword Academy
7Amanda TicknerSwordsmanship Museum and Academy
8Regina MendicinoColumbus Saber Academy
9Kaitlyn SumpterMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
10Jennifer PaschkeRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
11Hayley WeinerColumbus Saber Academy
12Alyssa CapelBucks Historical Longsword
13Lilly ReiningerQueen City Sword Guild
14Kaitlin EvansQueen City Sword Guild
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