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American Fencer

Coach Julia Richey founded Royal Arts in 2001 soon after moving to the United States. She was a member of the Russian/Soviet National Team in foil and epee for 13 years. See her story of coming to America and overcoming adversity in our short film "American Fencer."

Kings Cup Longsword Warmup Results All Tournaments


# Fencer Club
1Jonathan PaulinoPhiladelphia Common Fencers Guild
2Zach ShowalterRichmond Fencing Club
3Stevi ParkerBucks Historical Longsword
4Austin StraubBucks Historical Longsword
5Aidan WitherspoonMedieval European Martial Arts Guild
6Camilla FraizerMedieval European Martial Arts Guild
7Henry Kenyon
8Brent Wang
9Nicholas SchneiderMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
10Alyssa CapelBucks Historical Longsword
11Genevieve KellyRichmond Kunst Des Fechtens
12Thomas WallMontgomery County Historical Fencing
13Robert ChengMontgomery County Historical Fencing
14Jesse LambertUnaffiliated
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