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American Fencer

Coach Julia Richey founded Royal Arts in 2001 soon after moving to the United States. She was a member of the Russian/Soviet National Team in foil and epee for 13 years. See her story of coming to America and overcoming adversity in our short film "American Fencer."

Blue Box Open 2022 Results All Tournaments

Military Saber

# Fencer Club
1JW PugnettiUnaffiliated
2Samuel RyalsGem City Duelists Society
3Branden ZipplingerColumbus Saber Academy
4Will HandfordRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
5Thomas KeslerGem City Duelists Society
6Ian BroderickColumbus Saber Academy
7Dwain CrackelRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
8Ethan AdkinsQueen City Sword Guild
9J.J. ConlonGem City Duelists Society
10Justin Hernandez2Columbus Saber Academy
11Stephanie EatonRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
12Chris SheltonHilt and Helm Pittsburgh Fencing Club
13Alec WilletteTwo Ravens Fencing School
14Tyler DunhamArs Gladii
15Matthew HullerBoston Armizare
16Alex KelloggTwo Ravens Fencing School
17Charles PaschkeRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
18Alex BeaudetColumbus Saber Academy
19Mica MacraeRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
20Jacob HolfelderHilt and Helm Pittsburgh Fencing Club
21Kathryn DunnTwo Ravens Fencing School
22Vic MechlerQueen City Sword Guild
23Jenn GuskaRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
24Kari BakerMordhau Historical Combat

DIV1 Longsword

# Fencer Club
1AJ TrefneyTwo Ravens Fencing School
2JW PugnettiUnaffiliated
3Alexander Brindley
4Derek RayRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
5Christopher YangCymbrogi School of Western Martial Arts
6Tyler DunhamArs Gladii
7Matt DickenRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
8Samuel RyalsGem City Duelists Society
9Chris SheltonHilt and Helm Pittsburgh Fencing Club
10Jieyu WuUnaffiliated
11J.J. ConlonGem City Duelists Society
12Matthew HullerBoston Armizare
13Thomas KeslerGem City Duelists Society
14Ethan AdkinsQueen City Sword Guild

DIV2 Longsword

# Fencer Club
1Seanpatrick BradyTwo Ravens Fencing School
2Thomas KeslerGem City Duelists Society
3Donny SchumitshTwo Ravens Fencing School
4Daniel EvansSteel City Historical Fencing
5Will HandfordRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
6Lacey EckTwo Ravens Fencing School
7Dwain CrackelRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
8Alex KelloggTwo Ravens Fencing School
9Colin McConnellTwo Ravens Fencing School
10Kevin BroughSteel City Historical Fencing
11Matthew HullerBoston Armizare
12David PharisQueen City Sword Guild
13Branden ZipplingerColumbus Saber Academy
14Alec WilletteTwo Ravens Fencing School
15Ethan AdkinsQueen City Sword Guild
16Maria RieskeRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
17Vic MechlerQueen City Sword Guild
18Brandon CaylorRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
19Nick ChiappazziSteelhead Martial Arts
20Lilly ReiningerRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
21Daniel ParkQueen City Sword Guild
22Jacob HolfelderHilt and Helm Pittsburgh Fencing Club
23Matthew CoolidgeColumbus Saber Academy
24Katina DunhamArs Gladii
25Melissa McGaughey Steelhead Martial Arts
26Trevor StevensonRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
27Kari BakerMordhau Historical Combat

Marginalized Gender Longsword

# Fencer Club
1Lacey EckTwo Ravens Fencing School
2Katina DunhamArs Gladii
3Kari BakerMordhau Historical Combat
4Stephanie EatonRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
5Kathryn DunnTwo Ravens Fencing School
6Rhea DebussyRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
7Caitlin Richards Two Ravens Fencing School
8Jenn GuskaRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
9Lilly ReiningerRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
10Kaitlin EvansQueen City Sword Guild
11Samantha TietjenTwo Ravens Fencing School
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