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American Fencer

Coach Julia Richey founded Royal Arts in 2001 soon after moving to the United States. She was a member of the Russian/Soviet National Team in foil and epee for 13 years. See her story of coming to America and overcoming adversity in our short film "American Fencer."

Arnold Fencing Classic 2018 Results All Tournaments


# Fencer Club
1Christopher HobbsSteel City Historical Fencing
2David RoweVirginia Academy Of Fencing
3Matthew MartensVirginia Academy Of Fencing
3Jack GassmanArs Certanis
5Jim BrooksSteel City Historical Fencing
6Derek RayRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
7J.J. ConlonRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
8Greg TsagrisMedieval Swordplay Canada
9Matt DickenRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
10Ashleigh HobbsSteel City Historical Fencing
11Hank McLemoreVirginia Academy Of Fencing
12Jaron BernsteinRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
13Random AllenQueen City Sword Guild
14Tyler JachettaCapitol Kunst Des Fechtens
15Ben HouckQueen City Sword Guild
16 Steel City Historical Fencing
17David ReddyQueen City Sword Guild
18Nathan AnnisRoyal Arts Fencing Academy

Rapier + Dagger

# Fencer Club
1David RoweVirginia Academy Of Fencing
2Jack GassmanArs Certanis
3Michael SilvaniaRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
3Derek RayRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
5Matthew MartensVirginia Academy Of Fencing
6JW PugnettiSteel City Historical Fencing
7Greg TsagrisMedieval Swordplay Canada
8Wayne CanneNBroken Plow WMA
9J.J. ConlonRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
10Jaron BernsteinRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
11Matt DickenRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
12Hank McLemoreVirginia Academy Of Fencing
13Nathan AnnisRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
14Mariana Lopez-RodriguezVirginia Academy Of Fencing
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