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American Fencer

Coach Julia Richey founded Royal Arts in 2001 soon after moving to the United States. She was a member of the Russian/Soviet National Team in foil and epee for 13 years. See her story of coming to America and overcoming adversity in our short film "American Fencer."

Arnold Fencing Classic 2019 Results All Tournaments


# Fencer Club
1William JosephMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
2Derek RayRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
3Tanner MartinColumbus Saber Academy
3Greg TsagrisMedieval Swordplay Canada
5Alexander KitaevMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
6Thomas NowakArs Gladii
7Connor Kemp-CowellPhiladelphia Common Fencers Guild
8Joseph HochadelSouthwest Ohio Recreation and Defense
9JW PugnettiSteel City Historical Fencing
10Kieron RoweMedieval Swordplay Canada
11Cameron MetcalfGrand Rapids HEMA Society
12 Steel City Historical Fencing
13Eric KingColumbus Saber Academy
14 Nickel City Longsword Academy
15Shane HillenGrand Rapids HEMA Society
16Sean MartinQueen City Sword Guild
17Nathan WallaceRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
18Victor LavensteinRhode Island Fencing Academy & Club
19Jaron BernsteinRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
20John OsbornRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
21Colin AllenMedieval Swordplay Canada
22William HeideNickel City Longsword Academy
23Jerry BergGrand Rapids HEMA Society
24Ehren WynderGrand Rapids HEMA Society
25Ryan CokerLafayette Historical Fencing Guild
26Joseph ZagrobaArs Gladii
27David ReddyQueen City Sword Guild
28Jake WernerRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
29Thomas AmorosoColumbus Saber Academy
30Robert SolteszGrand Rapids HEMA Society
31Camilla FraizerMedieval European Martial Arts Guild
32 Gem City Duelists Society
33Thomas UtterMichigan Medieval Combat Association
34 Steel City Historical Fencing
35Daniel DionneGrand Rapids HEMA Society

Military Saber

# Fencer Club
2Frank ZamaryRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
3Airrion ScottMid-Atlantic Society for Historic Swordsmanship
3William JosephMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
5Alexander KitaevMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
6Greg TsagrisMedieval Swordplay Canada
7Jerry BergGrand Rapids HEMA Society
8Colin AllenMedieval Swordplay Canada
9Joseph HochadelSouthwest Ohio Recreation and Defense
10John OsbornRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
11 Gem City Duelists Society
12Noah HanssenMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
13Raymond KorenGrand Rapids HEMA Society
14Nathan WallaceRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
15Kieron RoweMedieval Swordplay Canada
24Sean MartinCorsair Fencing Club

Rapier + Dagger

# Fencer Club
1Cameron MetcalfGrand Rapids HEMA Society
2Alexander KitaevMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
3Shane HillenGrand Rapids HEMA Society
3William JosephMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
5Derek RayRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
6Kieron RoweMedieval Swordplay Canada
7Michael SilvaniaRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
8JW PugnettiSteel City Historical Fencing
9Jaron BernsteinRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
10Airrion ScottMid-Atlantic Society for Historic Swordsmanship
11Greg TsagrisMedieval Swordplay Canada
12 Gem City Duelists Society
13Connor Kemp-CowellPhiladelphia Common Fencers Guild
14Noah HanssenMaryland Kunst Des Fechtens
15John OsbornRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
16Joseph StrebRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
17Joseph HochadelSouthwest Ohio Recreation and Defense
18Aidan WitherspoonMedieval European Martial Arts Guild
19Frank ZamaryRoyal Arts Fencing Academy
20Ehren WynderGrand Rapids HEMA Society
21Ryan CokerLafayette Historical Fencing Guild
22Joseph ZagrobaArs Gladii
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