Royal Arts University Application

Starting in the Fall of 2013 we will be offering the Royal Arts University, an opportunity to improve your understanding of fencing, fencing tactics, and many aspects of the sport not often touched upon in group lessons. This class will begin with classroom work. Students are encouraged to take notes. Following this academic instruction the class will go onto the floor and do exercises designed to put the material to immediate use.

These workshops will include tests and will raise the expectations of coaches during regular class times, private lessons, and competitions.

Participants are required to fill out the application below and be as complete as possible. Not all applicants will be accepted, however, coaches will be more than happy to talk to you about what expectations they have of the fencer in order to be included in the future.

Class dates will be defined once we have met our minimum participation requirements and the schedule is fine tuned. We are currently anticipating that this class will occur on Wednesdays. We are currently considering Mondays as an alternative. Regardless, this class is outside of normal practice, should not lessen the number of practices attended, and will have an extra charge associated with it.

This class is for serious fencers that wish to achieve results whether they are competitive or not. It is a class designed to bring out the best in you, provide you a great deal of information, and help your fencing to improve dramatically. Therefore, applicants should consider that they meet all criteria listed:

  • Ability to focus for extended periods.
  • Ability to sit still and do classroom like work without disrupting the class.
  • Able to follow directions.
  • Willing to accept the information provided.
  • Willingness to apply the information in all aspects of fencing.
  • Acceptance that there are tests and requirements just as in school and that excuses are not acceptable.
  • Understands that violation of any of the guidelines may result in immediate expulsion from the class without refund.

We understand that this is not something that you are used to, so we encourage you to ask questions if you are not sure. This class is also for fencers. Parents may wait in the office, however, parents will not be allowed to participate in the class. Interested parents can apply on their own.

Students who are unable to commit to the schedule will not be admitted.

We encourage questions and discussion on the program. The application is provided below.



While it is not a requirement to fence competitively, knowing your level of desire to integrate the knowledge in a meaningful and measurable way ( results ) is a plus.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are lessons that you do one on one with a professional coach. While private lessons are not a requirement for inclusion in the program, they are highly encouraged as the coaches will then be able to carry over materials from this program to your lessons, thus augmenting your private lessons and providing you a larger array of tools to work with.

Attendance & Participation

Attendance has no minimum requirement, however, it is indicative of the amount of effort you are willing to put into fencing given that everyone has complex schedules to manage.


Goals are an important part of your training and directly related to your results. Goals are also different than dreams. While we do not grade your goals, we would like to understand them so that we can help you to achieve them as well as determine how you will accept the training we are offering as a part of this class.

Program Information

This program is in addition to your regular training. The information provided will be used during your private lessons to help you and at various times that you are being coached at Royal Arts and in other locations. Given that this program is different than any program you've done yet, please acknowledge the following questions: