Arnold's Army

Help Wanted

We need your help. The Rose & Gold Foundation, a 501(c)3, runs the Arnold Fencing Classic and other public events as a way to showcase our sport to the public and raise awareness. Our mission is to improve lives through fencing. You can help by volunteering to work the Classic or other events hosted by Rose & Gold.

   Event List

Please select the items you would like to volunteer for from the list below. A short description follows each one.

Arnold Fencing Classic 2018

The Arnold Fencing Classic is part of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival. It is the largest multi-sports festival in the world. We run the fencing portion. Volutneers assist us in running the event. Fencing experience is not necessary.

New Albany Classic

The New Albany Classic Family Day occurs during the equestrian Grand Prix at the New Albany Classic. We set up for a chance for people to try fencing. Volunteers assist guest in getting geared up. Fencers of any level assist in teaching the guests.

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