At Royal Arts we are a sport fencing academy. We are also a historical fencing academy. We are tournament hosts and much more. We have a tradition of making short films. The films can be about anything, but usually related in some way to fencing.

1. American Fencer

Filmmaking started for us when we told the story of Julia Richey as a contest entry for the Arnold Sports Film Festival. We were 5th place and the only non-professionally made film in the top 10. Not bad for our first try. If you didn’t watch it, click play below. Otherwise, scroll on…

2. Stripside Coach

We decided to have a little fun and made a commercial for a fencing related iPhone 5 app.

3. Fencing in Eight Minutes Three Seconds

Don’t know anything about fencing. We explain it to you in this video. Well, sort of. We had a little fun with the sport we love.

4. Salvation’s Point

This Summer the kids asked about making a zombie movie. So, how do you mix zombies and fencing? Easy. Watch it. No worries. It’s not scary.

In the News

Here are a couple of spots on the news of Julia Richey.

With Johnny DiLoretto

Julia on Deal Detectives