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Coach Julia Richey began her fencing career in the Soviet Union. She was on the Russian National Team for 13 years in two different weapons prior to coming to the US. She is also a personal trainer and pilates instructor with a background in physical therapy in the Soviet Union, particularly dealing with kids with neurological disorders and physical therapy. Soon after coming to the US, she started Royal Arts and started hosting the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fencing Classic.

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Coach Tim MillsCoach Tim Mills was the owner and head coach of the largest fencing club in Indiana. His youth fencers competed on the regional and national stage. In 2009, Coach Julia convinced him to move to Columbus and join her to produce the highest level fencing club in the region.

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In addition to Coach Julia and Coach Tim, we have several instructors to aid in your fencing education. Instructors and coaches at Royal Arts continue their education as fencers and instructors continuously throughout the year.


Russ Halsey

Russ has been with Royal Arts since his kids began fencing. He immediately jumped in with his expertise in things that the coaches aren’t good at: construction, repair, IT and just about anything else under the sun that helps to keep the physical structure together. Also, he wasn’t dismayed at the coaches unconventional ways of looking at things.

The bug very quickly hit him and he began training. He is now assisting with our classes and is the best point of contact for fencers when our coaches are busy in lessons or classes.


Alyson Michael

Alyson began fencing in 2006 in Indianapolis under the direction of Coach Tim. She quickly showed an aptitude for sharing her knowledge with others, so she was recruited to begin training as an instructor. She has been teaching since. In the fall of 2010, Alyson relocated to Columbus to attend Ohio Wesleyan. She continues teaching and training at Royal Arts.

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