2014 Ohio High School Fencing Championships Final Results

Shaker Heights High School edged out Dublin Jerome High School to win the 2014 men’s championship at the 2014 Ohio High School Fencing Championships. Rocky River High School cut past Shaker Heights to repeat as women’s champion at the 24th annual Ohio Championships at Royal Arts Fencing Academy in Columbus.

Abigail Kaye of Columbus Academy won gold in both women’s foil and epee for the second consecutive year, claiming rights to Ohio high school fencer of the year. Frank Ditullio of Bexley High School won gold in men’s saber, capping a season where he also finished 5th at a national tournament. Benjamin Kanas, also of Bexley High School, won the gold medal in men’s foil in a hard-fought battle against Michael Zeng of Dublin Jerome High School.

Kelli Wozniak of Westerville Central High School repeated as women’s individual saber champion, defeating Maya Sonn-Lillard of Dublin Scioto by one touch on a close referee decision.

Stephen Kimatian of St. Ignatious High School won the men’s epee championship continuing the recent domination of Cleveland area schools in that event.

Fencing is the only sport to be part of the Olympic program for each Olympics since the start of the modern games in 1896. Brazil will host the 2016 Olympic Games, and it has ear- marked millions of dollars to the development of fencing for the Games.page1image14728

The sport of fencing consists of competitions in three weapons: epee, saber, and foil.
The epee weapon resembles a dueling sword with a 35 inch blade and large bell guard for protection of the hand. In epee, each fencer’s entire body is a valid target, and there are very few rules, other than staying on the fencing strip. Touches may only be scored with the point, and double touches are allowed. The saber weapon has a long thin blade, and the bell guard has the classic curve to protect the hand. In saber, anything above a fencer’s waist is valid target, including the arms and head. Touches may be scored with the point or by slicing. The foil weapon originated as a practice weapon for deadly combat, and it is about 35 inches long with a small bell guard. Only a fencer’s torso is valid target, and touches must be scored with the point.

The Ohio High School Fencing Championships are hosted by the Columbus Division of the United States Fencing Association.

High School Team – Boys:

1 Shaker Heights
2 Dublin Jerome
3 St. Ignatius
4 Rocky River
5 Dublin Coffman

High School Team – Girls:

1 Rocky River
2 Shaker Heights

1 Abigail Kaye, Columbus Academy
2 Carla Erb
3 Erika Lee
3 Kristen Ruscitelli

1 Stephen Kimatian, St. Ignatius
2 Daniel Cullen, Holy Family
3 Andrew Wang, Shaker Heights
3 Michael Saari

1 Abigail Kaye, Columbus Academy
2 Kristen Ruscitelli
3 Gabriel McCullar, Shaker Heights
3 Dorian Pichola, Rocky River

1 Benjamin Kanas, Bexley
2 Michael Zeng, Dublin Jerome
3 Matvey Yang, Dublin Jerome
3 David Henderson, Mentor

1 Kelli Wozniak, Westerville Central
2 Maya Szonn-Lillard, Dublin Scioto
3 Katherine Stein
3 Alyson Gruber Hilliard Memorial

1 Frank Ditullio, Bexley
2 Elliott Chapman-Layland, Grahm
3 Kyle Willette
3 Noah Meyers, Dublin Jerome

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