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Don’t wait. Start classes now. Choose the best option for you! Regardless of you age, skill or goals, we have classes for you.

We provide all equipment while you are in classes. We offer competitive and recreational programs for students of all ages.

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Here’s What Everybody Asks

Is there something to join? Only if you want to continue fencing. After you take beginning classes and you want to continue to learn, we’ll sit down with you and explain your membership options.

Why should I pick ¬†you? We have a great team to teach you, including 13-year Russian National Team head coach Julia Richey. We’ve already built champion fencers. We have a low student to coach ratio to provide the best experience for you. We have our own facility that does not use tax dollars. You are unique. We train you. One size doesn’t fit all. One size fits you. Royal Arts fits you.

Do you teach adults? Absolutely! We have a very rapidly growing adult class. Adults meet Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Weeknights are at 7pm and weekends are open bouting from 10-12. Your weeknight class is only adults. Group instruction is included by our coaches.

What kind of commitment do I or my child have to make? Only what you want to commit to. You can be a once a week fencer or take advantage of every day we offer. You can pay for your classes monthly or save by paying quarterly, semi-annually or annually. It’s all up to you. We do not pressure you to do anything. However, if you do decide you want to be a serious competitor our coaches will talk to you about what that commitment means.