Musketeer Saturdays

For a limited time, be a Musketeer on Saturdays for free. Come into Royal Arts between 12pm and 2pm and fence for free. Try it out and see what you think.*

This a great, risk-free opportunity to try out fencing and see if it is the sport for you. Talk to our coaches and learn what this great sport is about.

Offer is limited and is not every Saturday. Please check with us before traveling long distances.

CURRENT EXCLUSIONS: 5/29/2010, 6/5/2010, 7/3/2010, 7/10/2010, 7/31/2010, 8/28/2010, 9/4/2010

Information you can print: Musketeer Saturdays

* Offer limited to new fencers not currently enrolled in any fencing programs. Limit 3 visits for free.