Why We Do the Arnold

The Arnold Fencing Classic is a year-round affair. Many of you are new to it. We are hard at work figuring out the particulars of the event, how we’re going to accomplish everything, where volunteers are coming from and what new cool stuff we can do.

Every year after the Arnold we get the same question, “Why do you continue to do this?” On some days we ask ourselves that question.

As you’ve become a part of our family, you’ve seen that the Arnold permeates everything and is intrinsically tied to Royal Arts. It takes an enormous effort on all of our parts and, to date, has lost a great deal of money. We are changing that this year.

So what does the Arnold offer that keeps us coming back year after year? An opportunity to share fencing with the world, or at least the 180,000 spectators at the Arnold. It gives us a chance to show the fencing community that Columbus, Ohio is a fencing force. It shows them how to run and promote a tournament, how to make  showcase event for the world. It lets Royal Arts shine in local and national media and brings attention to the work we do for all of you.

The 2012 Arnold is going to be the biggest and most extravagant ever. We’ll keep telling you how here.

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