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Artistic Fencing

Thank you for your interest in Costumed Performance with Royal Arts.

Let Royal Arts run your workshop for the Russian shashka dancing, lightsaber or other sword chroeography.

This event can be scheduled for participants between 12 and 105The cost is $350 for the first 12 participants and $10.00 for each additional participant.

Please give us as many date options as possible. Due to numerous requests and our travel competition schedule, we may not be able to accommodate your first preference date. Bookings usually occur on Saturdays, Sundays, and occasionally Friday. Here are a list of some of our blocked dates:

Royal Arts Unavailable Dates

EventBlocked Day(s)
Columbus Academy Camp 104 JUN – 07 JUN 2024
Intro fo Fencing Starts
Royal Arts Summer Camp17 JUN – 21 JUN 2024
July 4th celebration - CLOSED04 JUL 2024
Intro fo Fencing Starts
Columbus Academy Camp 229 JUL – 02 AUG 2024
Annual Picnic10 AUG 2024
Intro fo Fencing Starts
Labor Day- CLOSED31 AUG – 02 SEP 2024
Royal Knights Start
Intro fo Fencing Starts
Intro fo Fencing Starts
Royal Knights Start
Intro fo Fencing Starts
Thanksgiving - CLOSED01 DEC – 26 NOV 2023
Christmas - CLOSED24 DEC – 01 JAN 2025

Please provide any relevant information or special needs you have, including any information about very large groups or special events not listed on our website.
Call: 614-330-2445