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Thank you for your interest in Costumed Performance with Royal Arts.

Royal Arts is a division of the Rose & Gold Foundation, a 501(c)3 corporation to "improve lives through fencing." Our troop of performers can come to you (within reason) to perform a stage fight, pose for photos, or give a workshop. We can be heroes, Superheroes, fencers, historical fencers, and maybe more! Ask.

Please tell us the number of performers and what exactly you are looking for. We have a large array of options in costumes, weapons, and goals.

Please give us as many date options as possible. Due to numerous requests and our travel competition schedule, we may not be able to accommodate your first preference date. Bookings usually occur on Saturdays, Sundays, and occasionally Friday. Here are a list of some of our blocked dates:

Royal Arts Unavailable Dates

EventBlocked Day(s)
Ascalon Sword Festival17 MAR – 19 MAR 2023
Annual Picnic12 AUG 2023

Please provide any relevant information or special needs you have, including any information about very large groups or special events not listed on our website.
Call: 614-330-2445