Anatolii Verulskii Memorial Open

On June 12th, 2011 we held the Anatolii Verulskii Memorial Youth & Open. It was a small event in honor of Coach Anatolii. Julia brought Anatolii to the US as the épée coach for Royal Arts. He was with us for about a year and a half before he decided to retire from fencing. He had been a national coach in the USSR and several other countries. He had been coaching since 1970. Unfortunately, Anatolii passed away soon after returning home to his family. The last thing he did with Royal Arts was to portray Julia’s first fencing coach in the movie “American Fencer.”

Anatolii’s daughter, Olga, a Columbus resident made desserts to share with the fencers in honor of her father. The family was very pleased with the event and support for her father.

Results from Royal Arts Fencers at the Anatolii.

Mixed Épée:

2. Shaun Stevenson

3T. Casey Cannon

5. Russ Halsey

6. Alyson Michael


Mixed Foil:

2. Izta Galindo

3. Russ Halsey


Mixed Sabre

2. Alyson Michael

3T. Russ Halsey

5. Deja Pace-Thomas


Y8 Foil

1. Caiden Cannon

2. Eric Halsey

3T. Alexis Barnett

3T. Payton Halsey

5. Sebastian Gipson


Y12 Mixed Épée

1. Leah Stevenson

2. Liam Flanigan

3T. Kaylea Dillon

3T. Caiden Cannon

Y12 Foil:

1. Justin Galant

3T. Kaylea Dillon

5. Eric Halsey

6. Scott Kemmerly

7. Payton Halsey


Y12 Sabre

1. Tommy Anglim

2. Isaiah Williams

3T. John Stimpfl

5. Eric Halsey

6. Jewelia Smith

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