What They Say


Don’t just take our word for it. See what parents and fencers say about Royal Arts.

“Royal Arts Fencing Academy is a great place for children of any size,
weight, or sex to learn the art of fencing. My son, Sebastian, is small
for his age, but has an equal playing field with the other boys and
girls regardless of their size. He is not into team sports but loves
fencing and the challenge it puts upon him. It has enhanced his problem
solving an analytical abilities all while he thinks he is playing
pirate! I personally love the respect and sportsmanship they teach
each member for their coaches, opponents, and the art of fencing.”

–Laura Gipson Mother of Royal Arts student Sebastian Gipson

“My nine year old son has never shown a prior interst in any sport. One day, about seven months ago, he asked me to find a place for him to fence. After an internet search I found Royal Arts listed as a local fencing club. I wasn’t sure how long his interst might last, but I thought we would give it a try. The sense of comraderie among the Royal Arts students is a joy to watch. Fencing teaches respect, and it shows in the Royal Arts students. My son has never wanted to leave Royal Arts, and he loves his coach, Julia. The dedication the coaches have for the students, and the sport of fencing is very obvious. My son has learned a sense of pride and confidence. He loves to tell the other children at his school that he fences. The experience he gets from Royal Arts he could never get elsewhere. My son Loves Royal Arts, and lessons he’s learning will last for a lifetime.”

–Annette Jones Mother of Royal Arts student Garrett Jones

“I’m proud to present Coach Julia Richey, the owner of the Royal Arts Fencing Academy.   The Royal Arts Fencing Academy in Columbus, Ohio [is] where I’m learning to fence.  [Julia] is also the producer and host of one of the largest and most well known fencing tournaments in the world, the Arnold Sports Festival held in Columbus, Ohio every year.

She teaches us more than just fencing.  Coach Julia teaches us lessons on how to be a good person and a great athlete.  She always takes time to help us if we need her to.  Julia Richey is my coach and my friend.”

–Jack Rathmell, Royal Arts Fencer